Monday, July 6, 2009

Lobo #50 - April 1998

"Dead Heroes Don't" by Alan Grant, Carl Critchlow, and Mark Propst.

This book in the Phantom Stranger canon is unique, in that its the one book I've never been able to get a copy of. Its listed on several Phantom Stranger reference sources online (and now mine), so supposedly he's in there, somewhere.

Anyone have a copy of this, and can scan me the relevant page(s)? Until then, this will have to do!


Russell said...

That's Aquaman on the cover, too. I wonder if HE'S in it. I'll keep my eyes open for this from now on.

RC said...

Interesting, how none of the characters in the statue have the same status they did then. MM is dead, Supes is back to his original costume (not really surprising), GL, GA, and the Flash have been usptaged by the previous versions that they were supposed to be replacing, Aquaman is...well, I don't know what his status is, but the hook and beard are gone, right?

Not sure if Barda is still around; hard to tell if Final Crisis brought back the New Gods or not.

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