Sunday, July 19, 2009

Conjurors #2 - May 1999

"The Death of Magic" by Chuck Dixon and Eduardo Barreto.

Amid all the other comings and goings with various characters in this Elsewords mini-series, we see Deadman hanging out with an old man who tells an amazing story about how he has lived on this Earth since the Stone Age.

After coming into contact with a magic talisman, he tells his companion about how he had to wander the Earth:
Unlike the Stranger's more monk-ish look which he was sporting at the time, I really liked this alternate look, courtesy artist Barreto--the Stranger looks cooool. be continued!


RC said...

Agree--the Stranger's MIB look is pretty cool. I like how it looks like he could throw a punch if he had to. Which he used to do back in his early appearances, and even during the Apraro days (thank you Showcase collected editions!).

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