Sunday, July 12, 2009

Justice League: The Nail #3 - Nov. 1998

"The Nail, Book Three" by Alan Davis and Mark Farmer.

Alan Davis' enormously fun Elseworlds story "The Nail" wraps up in this issue, opening with an appearance by The Phantom Stranger and his usual cohorts:
Alan Davis draws everybody well, but I particularly like his regal, dignified take on The Phantom Stranger.


Russell said...

This is a great series, and one of my all-time favorite JLA stories. It doesn't hurt that, as you point out, Alan Davis draws everyone well.

Unknown said...

Let the Old Man throw this two cents in. I like his Stranger as well and was glad to NOT see the emaciated Deadman.
But, given he was one of my all time favorite characters, I really like the face Davis draws on the Spectre on that splash page. He gets it very right.

RC said...

Even though these pages are superfluous to the main story, they work really well in adding to the rising tension and paranoia. A nice use by Davis of characters that really didn't need to appear. Plus it's fun to see them in their classic silver age incarnations--at the time, Dr. Fate and the Spectre hadn't been drawn this way for awhile, IIRC.

Vincent Paul Bartilucci said...

I own the first two pages from the Aquaman sequence. Davis's Mera - Hubba, Hubba!

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