Monday, May 11, 2009

War of the Gods #3 - Nov. 1991

"Casualties of War" by George Perez, Russell Braun, Pablo Marcos, Vince Giarrano, Scott Hanna, and Romeo Tanghal.

The Phantom Stranger interacts with rest of the DCU a little more here:
...but he's as terse as ever!


bribabylk said...

My goodness, all this Perez fun going on and I never even knew about it! I think I was kind of out of the comics loop during the early 90's. Nice cover, but Nightshade looks like she's got a major 'fro there.

Russell said...

Nice cover indeed, but it would be a tad nicer if we could see it. A wee bit TOO dark, don't you think?

Garnet said...

How does the obscure Green Lantern villain Javelin, of all people, warrant such glamorous placement?

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