Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Stanely and His Monster #4 - May 1993

"Going Down" by Phil Foglio and Chuck Fiala.

The Phantom Stranger is here to help out Stanley and His Monster:
...after tossing Stanley into another dimension, he shows up at the end, after they have emerged victorious from their battle with some demons:
What can I say? The 1990s was a weird time for The Phantom Stranger!

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Unknown said...

Rob, you are right, the 90's were a weird time for the Phantom Stranger.
That being said, I fondly remember this series. I became a fan of Phil Foglio from his strip back in Dragon Magazine. I was glad to see someone with his sense of humor do this series. And I'm a fan of his simple but cute art (wouldn't want to see it in every series but it fit S&HM)

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