Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Doom Patrol #53 - March 1992

"And Men Shall Call Him--Hero!" by Grant Morrison, and Ken Steacy.

I'm not sure what world we're in here, and I'm not sure who this guy is:
...not having read Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol run, I have absolutely no idea what's going on here. But I always enjoy the work of Ken Steacy, and this alternate Phantom Stranger looks pretty boss!

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Richard said...

Okay, basically this issue of Doom Patrol is an affectionate homage to the Lee-Kirby Fantastic Four, as you can probably tell! The in-story explanation on the first page is that one of the supporting cast is asleep, dreaming about a Silver Age Marvel version of the Doom Patrol in a team-up with costumed superhero versions of the Stranger, John Constantine (that's him in the red and blue tights as Hellblazer), Doctor Thirteen (shown here with the power to make 13 duplicates of himself), and Mister E (a stretching hero like Mr. Fantastic) in an adventure that owes a lot to the plot of FF #51, "This Man...This Monster!" The issue is a lot of fun and, as its all a dream, doesn't have to make sense.

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