Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Zatanna #4 - Dec. 2005

"Zor!" by Grant Morrison, Ryan Sook, an Mick Gray.

Zatanna fights the evil wizard Zor (who is a sort of reincarnation of her father Zatara), and we see part of a seance featuring a sort of alternate Phantom Stranger, and some other characters:
It's a Grant Morrison story, so there were times when I had absolutely no idea what was going on. But its fun reading, nonetheless...


Richard said...

Um, that panel is a flashback to events in Zatanna #1, and the Stranger wasn't one of the participants there so he's not in this panel either. Sorry!

Also, Zor is actually a Golden Age foe of the Spectre, created by Jerry Siegel no less! The whole thing about posing as a reincarnated Zatara is just Zor trying to prey on Zatanna's insecurity.

RC said...

I think the guy in the turban is Ibis the Invincible? Or Sargon? His cape does look like the Stranger's, so, understandable mistake.

Zatanna # 1 is the only issue of the whole freakin' 7 soldiers interlocking series that I don't have so I'm fuzzy on the details. But didn't everyone at that seance die? So be thankful the Stranger wasn't there. Of course, I doubt the universe would know the rest.

rob! said...


Cripes--I read the damn comic twice through, trying to figure out what the hell was going on, and apparently I failed.

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