Sunday, September 13, 2009

Heroclix Figure - 2007

The Phantom Stranger got his own Heroclix figure in 2007, and let's see what he can do:
...I definitely agree, the Stranger has the power of being "inscrutable"!


Will K. said...

That's pretty great that the Phantom Stranger got his own figure! I've never played HeroClix, so could someone tell me if that's a good set of abilities? And how does the Stranger stack up overall compared to the other characters?

I see they went with Showcase #80 as his first appearance, which I understand (thanks to this blog!) but am still kind of annoyed by ...

Russell said...

The Phantom Stranger piece is very, very powerful. His point value (the red Q at the bottom on the left) is 171. To compare, Aqualad's point value is 40. Aquaman's is 68. Chronos' is 77. Tharok of the Fatal Five is 100. Hal Jordan's is 157.

So he's pretty powerful. I tried to get copies of all the characters I liked (LSH, Titans, JLA, Avengers, etc) but wasn't able to find a Stranger that went for anything less than $10. Needless to say, I wasn't paying that for a frickin' piece of plastic, so I do not have a Phantom Stranger Heroclix figure in my collection. (sigh)

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