Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Justice League Unlimited #28 - Feb. 2007

"Season's Beatings, Justice League!" by Mike McAvennie, Sanford Greene, and Nathan Massengill.

The Phantom Stranger makes another appearance in the JLU-verse, this time taking The Flash around and giving him some insights as to what makes the Batman tick:
...this seems to be the Phantom Stranger's role in the JLU-verse, since he basically performed this same service in his previous appearances in Batman: Gotham Adventures, and Justice League Unlimited.


RC said...

So has the Stranger ever appeared in animation? Will we see him on the Brave and the Bold?

Earth 2 Chris said...

The Phantom Stranger is due for an upcoming Brave and the Bold that involves him (voiced by Kevin Conroy, Batman of BTAS!), the Spectre (voiced by Mark Hammil), and Thomas and Martha Wayne (voiced by Adam West and Julie Newmar!).


Viagra said...

Cartoon network always comes out with great little things like this.

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