Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Shadowpact #16 - Oct. 2007

"Down in the Zero" by Bill Willingham, Tom Derenick, and Wayne Faucher.

The Phantom Stranger doing his intro:


Unknown said...

You know Rob, as unintentionally as it might be, you've made me interested in going and reading Shadowpack. Having the Stranger adds to my interest. :)

So, we are a little less than 2 years away from catching up to "modern times". Any clues on who might be your next blog? Just curious.

rob! said...

If all goes according to plan, IATPS will wrap-up on October 17th.

I have two ideas for new blogs, but I won't be kicking either of them off right after this one ends. I need a little break. :)

RC said...

Me too--I didn't realize the SP series was this interesting. The art looks great. I love this cover! How long did the series run? Was it collected in GNs form?

I'll be sorry to see the blog come to an end. Seems like the last entry should be on halloween though.

Russell said...

I LOVE this cover. PLEH EM PLEH indeed. And then the Shadowpact logo is backwards....clever, clever.

SO, wait, Rob...didn't you start this blog last Halloween?! So the Phantom Stranger has basically appeared only 365 (approx) times in his modern characterization!?

rob! said...


I agree, Halloween would be the perfect time for IATPS to end. But unless DC releases a 12-part PS mini-series in the next month, I'm not sure what else I can do. :)


Yeah, I guess it would be about 340 appearances total, when you subtract the posts involving articles, merchandise, and interviews.

Unknown said...

Take your rest Rob, but when you start up again, let us know. I love reading your stuff, even if I don't post something every day.

R Duncan said...

Shadowpact was a really good comic, at least up to No. 16 when Willingham left. He really made the team work. I really liked his use of obscure DC characters.

rob! said...


thanks, that's nice of you to say.

don't worry, when my next blog(s) is ready, i won't be shy letting everyone know!

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