Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saga of The Swamp Thing #15 - July 1983

The conclusion to The Phantom Stranger/Swamp Thing team-up!

Leaving off from last issue, Nat Broder--now turned into a power-mad crystalline creature--has stopped Swamp Thing by turning him into crystal, and seemingly having done the same to The Phantom Stranger:

Nat, in his crystal form, and his wife Sally, and trying to find a cure for him and the Swamp Thing. He claims he wants to be cured, but the Swamp Thing--who is still conscious even in his crystal state--isn't believing any of it.

After he is left alone, Swamp Thing finds a way to break free of his crystal shell, while Nat uses one of his employees to build a computer network that will take control of every computer system in the world!

Later, Sally is met by...The Phantom Stranger! Turns out he wasn't turned into crystal at all, it was just an illusion on the Stranger's part. He warns her of a difficult choice she will have to make, but before he can elaborate, Nat shows up and the Stranger disappears.

Eventually, Nat's mad plan is revealed, and he begins to attack some of the employees who won't go along with him. Sally flees, and runs into the Swamp Thing, and they both make it out:
Sally realizes that Nat must be stopped at all cost, and she tells Swamp Thing about something they found during the experiments--that a specific musical vibration can shatter him!

Sally begins to work on fighting the right vibe, while the Swamp Thing holds Nat off:
...the end.

A sad, very moody end to the story, and it was nice of Dan Mishkin to give The Phantom Stranger the last word as he exits the book.

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