Saturday, February 14, 2009

Crisis on Infinite Earths #5 - Aug. 1985

The Crisis on Infinite Earths was well underway by mid 1985, and in the fifth issue, the whole of the DCU was finally brought into the fray, as the cover design indicates.

On pages seven and eight, there's an astonishing double-page spread by artists George Perez and Jerry Ordway where we see just how many heroes and villains the Monitor has crammed into his space station.

In the pages following, we get to see individual glimpses of some of the people in attendance, including a certain stranger...:
The Phantom Stranger and The Creeper? Swamp Thing and Sgt. Rock? It's the Crisis, all right!


Richard said...

Since we're at that point chronologically, dare I hope this means you'll be covering the Stranger's appearances in the Alan Moore issues of Swamp Thing?

rob! said...


of course! i plan to cover every single appearance PS has ever made in a comic book, so the Alan Moore Swamp Things will show up soon!

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