Friday, February 20, 2009

Crisis on Infinite Earths #11 - Feb. 1986

"Aftershock" by Marv Wolfman, George Perez, and Jerry Ordway.

The Phantom Stranger, in the wake of the giant battle between The Spectre and the Anti-Monitor, is hanging around with Deadman, desperately hoping the comatose Spectre wakes up:
Man, does The Phantom Stranger look cool as drawn by George Perez...


Anonymous said...

You know, seeing these Crisis posts after the Swamp Thing annual makes me wonder...wasn't the Specter from Earth 2? So how come earth-1 native Swampy runs into him? Is there just one afterlife for all the parallel earths? In which case you get to meet all the parallel versions of yourself when you die?

More than that, though, I wonder why this question didn't occur to me and my friends when these issues came out. Those kind of earth-1/earth-2/earth-whatever debates were the best part of the multiple-earths cosmology. And the biggest casualty of the the Crisis.

Anonymous said...

Hi, RC -

The original Spectre was indeed from Earth-2. At some point in their history, the Jim Corrigan of Earth-2 and the Spectre became separate entities. Then, in Justice League Of America #83, the Spectre "died" in an effort to foil a plot by some aliens to crash Earth-1 and -2 into one another.

Of course, the Spectre didn't truly die, but was instead left in in the universe of Earth-1, where he merged with the recently slain Jim Corrigan of Earth-1. (I believe this is explained in his mid-1970s re-introduction in Adventure Comics, but I don't have issue numbers handy, sorry.)

Anonymous said...

That's interesting...I'm kind of surprised they actually explained the Spectre switching from one earth to the other. I never read any of the Adventure stories; from the covers I always assumed they were just horror/twilight zone type stories that didn't intersect with any other DC characters. I guess I should find out if there's a Showcase collection of those issues.

Thanks for the clarification. I still miss those "who's from earth 1/who's from earth 2" arguements!

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