Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Justice League #6 - April 2012

"Pandora" by Geoff Johns and Carlos D'Anda.

In all my excitement over the new Phantom Stranger series, I completely forgot that PS didn't make his New 52 debut in that book, but in the back pages of Justice League #6!

The short story opens on a man, lying dead in the street as onlookers wonder what happened. The mystery woman known as Pandora strides in, assesses the body, only to be surprised by a familiar voice:
The Stranger condemns Pandora for rewriting reality (Flashpoint!), but she defends herself. He speaks of a "third sinner" still walking the Earth, and of an equally-mysterious box that Pandora has. The Stranger reaches out to her, only to be met by two mystical guns that Pandora fires at the Stranger's head!

One shot misses, but the other connects:
The Pandora feature didn't continue after this issue of Justice League, so we'll have to wait for The Phantom Stranger to actually appear alongside his former teammates(?)...which seems inevitable, doesn't it? I hope so, at least!

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