Monday, February 1, 2010

Crisis on Earth Blog: The DC Challenge!

Courtesy blogger Frank Lee Delano comes a comic book blog crossover event so huge that Zack Snyder is currently developing a movie version--The DC Challenge!

Follow the story below, and choose your answer. You will either get one step closer to the ultimate answer or end up further away.

Frank has lined up an astonishing list of collaborators, which you can see below. Are you up to the challenge?


Zatanna was on her way up to serve a shift aboard the Justice League of America Satellite with Elongated Man, but instead of a high tech headquarters in orbit 22,300 miles about the Earth, she found herself in a dark, dank castle. A grim figure in black approached her from the shadows, and where some might see a Phantom Stranger, the sorceress was relieved to see a somewhat friendly face.

Wordlessly, the Stranger gestured for Zatanna to follow him, as they entered an antechamber populated by some of the most powerful mystical forces in all of creation.

To the left was Doctor Fate, who was the first to speak. He warned of figures from a possible future come to plague modern heroes, such as Firestorm, and Supergirl. He believed these beings must be removed from our time without delicacy or delay.

Dr. Mist, the ancient mage we leads the Global Guardians, warned of a massive surge in organized super-villain activity. Captain Comet, The Metal Men, and others had faced this terrible threat.

Grimmest of all was the Spectre, the embodiment of the Judeo-Christian God's own wrath. He warned of beings from other dimension raining down on creation like a plague, currently afflicting soldiers from throughout time and space, including The Atom, Sgt. Rock, and the Unknown Soldier. Worse, what evil now rose up in the hearts of the fallen mighty, like the Manhunter from Mars?

All of the magic wielders agreed that something had to be done, but by whom? When? The Phantom Stranger turned to Zatanna. "Me?" she asked.

The Phantom Stranger replied, "If not you, then who? If not now, then when?"

Perhaps these others have their own answers to such a question?

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