Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween from The Phantom Stranger!

It's Halloween--time for a spooky superhero blog crossover!

All across teh interwebs today, various superhero blogs are covering their particular characters from a Halloween-esque perspective. Originally I Am The Phantom Stranger wasn't going to take part because, with a couple of exceptions, we've already covered every PS appearance, so there was nothing new to add.

But then I thought, of all the holidays for this blog not to miss, it's Halloween--the Stranger's favorite time of year, to be sure. So I went out and found something Halloween-ish: someone in costume as The Phantom Stranger!
I found these pics via a Google search, and they are of someone named Caranth, who posed in London in May 2011. You can read a little backstory about the costume on their DeviantArt page. Quite a nice job, love that oversized medallion!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Make sure to visit the other participating sites to see other spooky content:

Thanks to Chad Bokelman for putting this all together!

1 comment:

Chad Bokelman said...

I've always wanted to dress up as Phantom Stranger for Halloween but I can never find a damn cloak clasp thingy that looks awesome enough. I don't want to make one (unless I suddenly become an amazing smithy) so I guess I'm stuck. But this looks great!

Thanks for bringing Phantom Stranger in on the fun Rob!

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