Wednesday, October 21, 2009

PS P.S.: Amazing World of DC Comics #16 - Dec. 1977

While this selection is stretching it a bit in terms of our theme (The Phantom Stranger doesn't actually appear anywhere in this issue), when I saw this letter inside I just couldn't pass it up:
Wow, I didn't know that the whole "multiple origin story" idea had gone back as far as this!

PS fan Stephen Doris only had to wait another nine years before DC actually got around to it...I wonder if he was still reading comics by then?


RC said...

Keep going Rob! You're almosst stretching the blog till Halloween! You can do it!

Maybe DC Direct did a replica of his hat and medallion?

rob! said...

We're not there yet, but its close!

The new end date is 10/27.

hcg said...

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